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"Unpublished Poems/Musical Underscoring: Leap of Faith (For the WTC Jumpers); Perspective; Epitaph for H.C.; A Crisis of Faith; Hardwired; New World Sestina"

Grab is an award winning poet (winner of the Henry Colette Award and the W B Yeats International Poetry Contest). Recent music credits including Elton John's latest album "Wonderful Crazy Night”,  Neil Diamond's latest Xmas Album (not released yet). Mr. Grab has also worked with a variety of artists including Ray Charles, Mariah Carey, Tony Bennett, Chaka Khan and more.


"Endurance in the Antarctic”

According to Mahpar, "Endurance in the Antarctic" has three basic elements: The Antarctic, represented by layered entrances in each of the instruments creating an open sense of space; The Endurance, represented by a short theme of exploration and journey; and Shackleton, represented by a slow, drawn out melody to show the defeat of his romantic views of the expedition by the Antarctic. The elements are introduced separately, with the Antarctic motif acting as a bridge between sections. In the final segment of the work, all three elements interrupt each other, until the final chords add an ominous portent of the future. The title should also be interpreted as more than just the name of Shackleton's ship".

In addition to working as a freelance French hornist, Mahpar has composed and arranged music for many types of ensembles, including symphony orchestra, wind ensemble, marching band and many chamber ensembles. Although most of his works are in the concert realm, Steven’s sound and aesthetic can be classified as more commercial, which allows his musical style to compliment the dramatic story-telling found in film and television. He also serves on the Music Faculties of Cal State Fullerton and Mt. San Antonio College, teaching Theory courses, various ensembles and French horn studies.


“Metamorphosis: A Horn’s Life”

Fernandez is an Emmy and Annie nominated composer who has been a composer, orchestrator, bassoonist, educator and conductor in Los Angeles since 1983. Mr. Fernandez has composed on a number of Animated TV series including Disney's Little Mermaid; Disney's Aladdin; Universal's Casper Cartoon Series (For which I received two Emmy and one Annie Nomination); Disney's Doug; Disney's 101 Dalmations; Dreamworks' Toonsylvania, Disney's Bonkers and Robot Chicken. He’s also written for dozens of films, trailers and many concert works.




 “Ghoti Pheaut”

(Composer, Arranger, Conductor, Bassist, Author, & Radio Personality) Wright is also known as Elvis Schoenberg the creator of the Orchestre Surreal an award-winning Los Angeles based 30 piece ensemble. The Orchestre Surreal has been regarded by Music Connection Magazine as one of the most eclectic, original and entertaining orchestras on the planet. 

Wright composes scores for film and television productions, in addition to penning concert and chamber music for various ensembles, he is an award winning and international best selling novelist. As a bassist, Ross has performed and toured internationally with various artists and served as music director and bassist for the Frank Zappa musical, “Joe’s Garage.”


"Colliding Worlds"

Joe Sorce is a seasoned composer and freelance multi-instrumentalist residing in Portland, Oregon. He has worked in the music industry as a composer, orchestrator, music copyist, session player, jazz performer, recording engineer and music technology consultant for more than twenty-five years. He is a highly regarded clinician and educator and has been a member of the Mt. Hood Community College music faculty from 1998-2008. He specializes in a little known instrument called the EWI, a wind driven synthesizer. Recently he composed and performed the score for a Portland theater production entitled “You Are Not My Enemy” commissioned by  the Fertile Ground Arts Festival and the Artists Repertory Theatre of Portland.  Colliding Worlds Our post-industrial 21st century world behaves as if our planet is a dead object that is solely there for our exploitation. It is believed that everything on earth is “unconscious” except for humans. Earlier civilizations functioned under the premise that the earth is alive, conscious, and that she must be protected. The remnants of this older thinking is still with us but is being bullied by a technological and highly mechanized civilization that aspires to rule the planet. Colliding Worlds is a musical snapshot of this situation.


is the orchestrator of big Hollywood films (The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Life of Pi, Argo, Godzilla, among others) and the composer of smaller ones.  His score to VERBATIM: THE FERGUSON CASE was heard at this year's Sundance Film Festival.  Since 2000, Tasner has been writing and producing the songs for the political satire street theater collective, The Billionaires. Their new album, FAVORABLE BUSINESS CLIMATE, full of songs about Global Warming from the perspective of the very petrochemical companies making it happen will be released later this spring.  You can hear more of Tasner's music at CliffordJTasner.com